How to change default document root in XAMPP

Once we installed XAMPP in C drive of a windows os computer , the default document root will be C:\xampp\htdocs  where we will store all our PHP projects in different folders, we run projects in the browser with corresponding folder names for example http://localhost/abcd. Say if you want to run the php project from any other folders in your computer or from an external storage media, you can achieve this by change httpd.conf file located inside C:\xampp\apache\conf folder. Open this httpd.conf file in any text editor , and find this line from the file DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs"  and change this "c:/xampp/htdocs" into the desired folder location, say you want change into "G:/localhost" . After that just below this line <Directory "C:/xampp/htdocs"> , change also this into desired folder say <Directory "G:/localhost">.  After this two changes save the file…
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Websites for Job Search in UAE

Below are some of major job search websites in UAE. 1.Bayt: URL: 2.Dubizzle: URL: 3.Careers: URL: 4.Careers UAE: URL: 5.Career Jet: URL: 6.Indeed: URL: 7.Job Rapido: URL: 8.UAE Jobs: URL: 9.Monster Gulf: URL: 10.Naukari Gulf: URL: 11.Dubai Jobs: URL: 12.Way 2 Gulf: URL: 13.GN Careers: URL: 14.Khaleej Times Jobs: URL: 15.Job Hunt Gulf: URL: 16.Manpower ME: URL: 17.Nadia : URL: 18.Job 4 U: URL: 19.Plum Jobs: URL: 20.Charter House: URL: 21.A2Z Arabia : URL
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How to get youtube video thumbnail image

When we want to use thumbnail image of a youtube video there is an easy method to get it. If you want take the thumbnail image of this video from youtube , here you can understand this is (OvVKnC6gGtg) the identifier for this video. So to get the thumbnail image we have to use, here XXXXX can replaced by the identifier of youtube video. So in our example the thumbnail image of this video is
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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 452 4.3.1 Insufficient System Resource Error

Microsoft Exchange Server
You may face the problem for receiving Emails from outside domains, Those senders will not receive any non delivery error messages but we are also not receiving the emails. If you have installed POPCON Administrator to deliver the Emails from Email Hosting Provider into Your Exchange Server Users, While you check the log if you found the message “Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 452 4.3.1 Insufficient System Resource Error”, Then this Post for you. “Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 452 4.3.1 Insufficient System Resource Error ” , arises because of there is no enough storage space for incoming emails on your Exchange Server , The simple solutions for this expand your free space by deleting the Temp folder contents. If you are using POPCON Administrator , When this Error occurs “Microsoft Exchange Server…
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Auto refreshing web pages with different intervals

To refresh a web page may be for showing dynamic content , results or any other purpose can achieve with meta tags inside <head> section of a webpage. Check the below code <head>   <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60"> </head>   here 60 represent 60 seconds, you can decide any number depending on your requirements.  
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